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Grewal Law is a reputable law firm that handles a variety of Legal cases in Different areas. Presently, they deal with Real Estate, Criminal, Immigration Laws, Wills, Estate Administration and Mortgage Enforcement. Its founder, Manjinder Grewal, has a vast experience practicing law in the areas mentioned.

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Manny Grewal

Q.Med, B.S., LLB

Mr. Grewal has a vast experience practicing law in Real Estate, Criminal, Immigration Laws, Wills, Estate Administration & Mortgage Enforcement. After his graduation from the University of Leicester, in 2011, with a Law degree, Mr. Grewal has since worked with veteran attorneys in numerous cases, in the areas above of practice. He is also a Notary Public in Ontario.

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Did you know that dangerous driving is a criminal offense? Under the Criminal Code of Canada, dangerous driving has a broad definition and thus gives a range of options for law enforcers and police to charge an offender. The following situations can be dangerous driving:

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When planning to buy or sell a real estate, the process may be marred with numerous legal operations that if you are not careful, you may sign off on an agreement that will cost you.

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Grewal law has worked with numerous clients on Canadian Immigration cases. They ensure to provide efficient services and valuable advice to ensure each client has a success story to tell.

A great number of international students are pursuing their studies in Canadian Institutions of learning. Each province or territory is in charge of its education system. However, there rules that apply to all provinces and territories concerning International students.

For you to study in Canada, you will need to get admission from a Designated Learning Institution. It is an institution of learning that has the mandate to enroll international students.

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To work in Canada on a temporary basis, you will need to get a Work Permit. There are two main types of work permits. They include:

  • Employer Specific Work Permit: this permit includes the name of your employer, the period you will work, and sometimes the location of your workplace. As the holder, you will have to abide by the terms of the permit.
  • Open Work Permit: with this permit, you can work for any employer. However,

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If you have a particular skill set, you can immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker. For consideration under this program, one has to be in the Express Entry System. Here, you will be ranked among other potential candidates based on your ability to contribute to Canada's economy and skills that you offer.

The program targets individuals who can positively contribute to Canada's economy and integrate well in the society. Under the Express Entry system,

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If you have family members outside Canada, who would like to immigrate to the country, you can choose to sponsor them. The Family Sponsorship Program is an initiative by the Government to promote family reunification. To qualify as a sponsor, you should be at least 18 years of age and a:

  • Citizen of Canada
  • Permanent Resident in Canada living in the country
  • Registered Indian as per the Canadian Indian Act

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It is a program that suits individuals who have the desire to invest in Canada, contribute to its economy and also immigrate. Three main programs fall under this class. They include:

  • Start-Up Visa:For consideration into the program, the applicant should have a Letter of Support from a Designated Institution. It is an institution that has the mandate to provide support and also to invest in potential startups.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • There are several factors that the Court takes into account regarding your bail hearing. Section 515 of the Criminal Code of Canada, cover these areas. The hearings take place before Justice of Peace or a Judge to determine whether the accused should be released as he or she awaits trial.

      It is mandatory is many criminal cases. The court has first to determine who carries the “onus.” In a “reverse onus” hearing, the accused faces serious criminal charges and is on release. The accused, therefore, has to demonstrate to the judge, the reason why their release from custody is justifiable.

      According to Section 515 (10), the accused may be detained on three grounds, i.e.:

      • Primary Ground: it justifies the detention of the accused based on ensuring the individual appears in court for their trial. It restricts room for leaving the jurisdiction or country before and during the trial.
      • Secondary Ground: Here the accused is detained so as not to interfere with the administration of justice or commit further criminal offenses.
      • Tertiary Ground: it is rarely invoked by applies in severe cases where the immediate need of an expert Criminal Law is necessary.

      Impaired driving is what many commonly refer to as Driving under the Influence (DUI). It could be due to use of drugs, excessive intake of alcohol, or both. It is a common driving-related offense, and its prosecution is under the Criminal Code of Canada.

      The Criminal Code of Canada in Section 253 and 254, outlines the specific charges that apply as follows. Depending on how the court chooses to proceed with the case, whether by indictment or summary conviction:

      • A fine of at least $1000 for first offenders
      • A minimum of 30 days imprisonment for a second offense
      • A minimum of 120 days jail time for subsequent crimes

      These are the minimum punishment as detailed in Section 255 of the Criminal Code of Canada. Impaired driving is a complicated area of the law. It is essential for the accused to get honest representation from a trusted Criminal Lawyer.

      Being charged with a sexual offense can be traumatizing as it negatively affects a person’s reputation. According to the Criminal Code of Canada, sexual crimes include:

        • Sexual Assault: it is an assault that is sexual. In that, a person applies direct or indirect force on another, intentionally and without their consent. It could be by use of words, gestures and even touch.
        • Luring: it covers communication with young individuals to facilitate committing a sexual offense.
        • Indecent Acts: sexual acts, e.g., masturbation can fall in this category. The law does not allow anyone to carry out obscene acts in a public place or, in front of another.
        • Child Pornography: it includes videos or photos of persons under 18 years of age, engaged in sexual activity or those dominantly depicting the reproductive organs or regions, of the same person’s, for a sexual purpose.

      It is illegal to make, distribute, access, or possess such materials.

      • Voyeurism: Under section 162 of the Criminal Code of Canada, one doesn’t have the right to record or observe another, when they are nude, engaging in sexual activity or for sexual purposes if the victim has a reasonable expectation of privacy.
      • Sexual Exploitation of a minor, or person with a disability: it is against the law for a person in a position of trust or authority, in a dependency or exploitative relationship to have or encourage sexual contact with a minor or person with a disability.
      • Incest & Bestiality: it is against the law to have sexual contact with a blood relative or an animal.
      • Sexual Interference & Invitation to Sexual Touching: it is against the law to touch a person under the age of 16, with your body or object for sexual purposes. Under invitation to sexual touching, it is against the law to encourage a person under 16 years of age to touch another with their body or object, for sexual purposes.

    Immigration update

    Canada has a high number of immigrants. It is common to find a community of people who hail from the same region or area. While living in a new country may be daunting, Canada offers its immigrants with a pleasant environment for both personal and economic development.

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