Before you append your signature to any Sale or Purchase Agreement, you have to ensure that you are in an amiable financing position. It is advisable, to ensure that the agreement is conditional on the confirmation of terms and conditions of the lender.

If you go for Pre-Approval, opt for a written terms and conditions that will provide you with a guarantee. Grewal Law offers a fixed rate on mortgage refinancing and Title transfer deal, of $699 plus tax.

You may need Title Transfers services to refinance a property due to various reasons. Depending on your case, the service may incur a Land Transfer Tax. Feel free to contact us to get an accurate cost depending on your situation.

If you are planning on breaking your current mortgage contract, Grewal Law provides guidance on understanding the terms of your existing agreement. A breach of the terms could lead to extra charges as the contract is legally binding.

For efficient and speedy service delivery, you will need to provide your lawyer with the required details.

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