The need for greater understanding of law-related services and the prevention of injustices occurring along the corridors in Canada surfaces the working of criminal lawyers in Brampton. The legal system in Canada specifically Brampton, Ontario

occurs in a structure that gives each arm of the judicial system an opportunity to handle different cases related to breaking of the set laws of the land.

The Grewal law firm concentrates on specifically the criminal law sector and their commitment rallies towards ensuring that possible criminal prosecutions provide the basis for charges allied to their clients in areas including Mississauga, Vaughan, Woodbridge, and Caledon; otherwise, they attain their freedom.


The highest cases tackled in the Brampton courts relate to assault charges that skyrocket each working week since they occur in our ordinary lives due to the flaring passions about humanity. According to the several sections of the Criminal Code of Canada, the best definition of assault identifies the attempt to or the application of unnecessary force to an individual without their consent. Criminal lawyers in Brampton, at Grewal Law, understand the weight of assaults and the related charges that accompany a case through which they prevent harsh penalties.

What categories of offenses fall under Assault Charges?

  • Assault with a weapon

    The criminal code in Brampton elaborates that an assault with a weapon amount to causing harm to someone using force or an object and amounting to bodily injury or intending to cause damage to the aggrieved party. The charges for assault cases result to imprisonment up to ten years or a conviction by the court resulting in not more than eighteen months depending on the judges’ decision. The best criminal lawyers help to evaluate your case and ensure no unfair punishment occurs to you for minor incidents.

  • Aggravated Assault

    The Section 268 of the Canadian penal code refers to aggravated assault as more serious offenses that relate to individuals in the process of prosecution causing wounds, maiming or endangering the lives of a complaint. The various types of assaults define the gravity of the offense with aggravated assault occurring as a severe offense since it happens with the intent to cause harm and crime. The best experienced criminal lawyers need selection to handle the cases since aggravated assaults get punished for up to fourteen years.

  • Domestic Assault

    The domestic assault occurs to different parties including children, married people, boyfriend and girlfriend relations, parents, relatives and even same-sex partners who experience intentional force applied to them without their permission. The grounds for the domestic assault cases restrict the access to bail services and also return to home for the person under prosecution. The effect of leading another person to believe that an aggravator has the power to effect purpose fall under the domestic assault category.

Related Criminal Offence in Brampton

  • Threats- Conceivable utterances aimed at implying to cause harm or death to an individual
  • Dangerous driving on the Brampton roads
  • Sexual offenses, murder and manslaughter, robbery, drug offenses, youth crimes and mischief offenses all remain punishable under the Canadian Criminal Code.

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