A great number of international students are pursuing their studies in Canadian Institutions of learning. Each province or territory is in charge of its education system. However, there rules that apply to all provinces and territories concerning International students.

For you to study in Canada, you will need to get admission from a Designated Learning Institution. It is an institution of learning that has the mandate to enroll international students. Always ensure that whatever school you apply to, that it falls under DLI’s.

All primary and secondary schools in Canada are Designated Learning Institutions. For your application to be considered in either, you will have to apply in advance before the date you would like the learning to commence. Once accepted, you will need the institution’s acceptance letter, to apply for a study permit.

Study Permit

Getting a study permit is essential for most international students; with a few exceptions that apply. It is a document that proves that you are allowed to study at a Designated Learning Institution in Canada. You should request for admission in one before you come to Canada.

Every study permit has an expiry date. On expiry, you will lose your status in Canada. You can choose to apply for an extension to avoid this.

Typically the study permit expires 90 days after you complete your studies. Completion of studies can be either of the following scenarios, when:

  • You receive notification from the school you were studying in that you have completed your studies, or
  • You get your diploma, certificate or degree