Did you know that dangerous driving is a criminal offense? Under the Criminal Code of Canada, dangerous driving has a broad definition and thus gives a range of options for law enforcers and police to charge an offender. The following situations can be dangerous driving:

  • Changing lanes abruptly
  • Driving while impaired
  • Excessive speeding
  • Accidents that result in serious injury or death
  • Aggressive driving

Many people, however, associate driving offenses as having only to pay a fine to resolve the matter. Though dangerous driving cases are common, they are not that simple. The penalty usually includes suspending your license for a year.

Depending on the gravity of the situation, a conviction can result in 10 years in jail, in a case where the accused gets charged with criminal negligence that caused bodily harm. If it leads to death, then the penalty will increase.

Getting convicted has a detrimental effect on one’s life. It is of importance to hire a qualified, expert dangerous driving lawyer in Vaughan, to plead your case. Upon conviction, your insurance premiums will increase, and it will affect your ability to get employment, travel or even obtain citizenship.

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