Having to face Domestic Violence charges can be painful and traumatic at the same time. It is not an offense that solely applies to married people. Also, common-law partners, same-sex partners, children, parents, relatives, boyfriend/girlfriend relationships, apply.

The basic definition of assault is intentionally applying force to another, without their intention. Contrary to the belief of many, the choice of whether or not to proceed with charges doesn’t fall on the victim. It lies squarely on the decision of the Crown and the police.

Getting bail on a domestic assault case can be pretty challenging due to the restrictive conditions that apply. One of the standard terms is the “inability to return,” and “no contact” conditions. The “no contact” condition aims to prevent the possibility of tampering with witnesses or further abuse.

The accused could be eligible to attend a domestic assault program, i.e., “Early Intervention” or “PARS.” Consult with an expert Criminal Lawyer from Grewal Law, for advice on the program that is suitable for you. You can also reach out for guidance and defense in your case.