When planning to buy or sell a real estate, the process may be marred with numerous legal operations that if you are not careful, you may sign off on an agreement that will cost you. To make the process of selling or buying of property seamless and less tiresome; Grewal law offers services that are designed for real estate transactions.

You could be a potential homeowner who needs to sign off on an Agreement of Purchase and Sale. Before you append your signature to the document, a Real Estate lawyer in Brampton or wherever the property is located will go through it and advice you on the clauses in the record and potential charges that you may incur from signing it.

As the buyer of the property, once the purchase gets finalized, your lawyer has to inform you about Title Insurance and its benefits. Your Real Estate attorney will also be useful in conducting a Title Search. It is a process that looks into previous owners, changes or any discrepancies to determine whether the Title is clean.

For the seller of the property, getting the services of a lawyer will help you to ensure that you provide to the purchaser only as per the agreement between you. When looking for Mortgage Refinancing options, it is advisable that you condition your sale/purchase agreement to the terms of the lending institution.

You may also need a Title Transfer service to refinance your property due to many reasons. This process may attract a Land Transfer Tax. In Ontario, the buyer has to pay an LLT upon registration of any transfer/deed where you receive an interest in the property. Contact us for your Real Estate legal services in the mentioned areas of practice, even if it’s on Buying & Selling Property.