If you have family members outside Canada, who would like to immigrate to the country, you can choose to sponsor them. The Family Sponsorship Program is an initiative by the Government to promote family reunification. To qualify as a sponsor, you should be at least 18 years of age and a:

  • Citizen of Canada
  • Permanent Resident in Canada living in the country
  • Registered Indian as per the Canadian Indian Act

In Family Sponsorship, the sponsor has to provide financial support to meet the basic needs of the sponsored family members and any of their dependent children. The members of your family that you can sponsor to Canada include: Dependent Children, parents, grandparents, adopted children, relatives, spouse, common-law partner and conjugal partner.

A general rule that applies to spouse and common-law partners is the relationship has to be genuine. If your partner apply for sponsorship through the Spouse or Common Law Partner Class, you will have to live together. The members of your family that you choose to sponsor may have to undergo a medical and criminal background check.