The prosecution of drug offenses is under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, of Canada. Common drug-related charges include:

  • Trafficking Drugs/ a controlled substance:
  • Possession for trafficking: here the Crown has to prove that the accused had illegal drugs in his or her possession and had the intention of selling or giving it to others.
  • Simple possession: where the Crown proves that you were in possession of an illegal drug.

In the Canadian Justice System, drug offenses are severe crimes and sentencing can vary broadly from one case to another. The police consider several factors to determine whether to charge one with “possession for trafficking” or “simple possession.”

With a drug offense conviction, your ability to travel to the UK or USA may be inhibited. One may receive a lengthy jail sentence, and the penalty will also affect their ability to get jobs. Grewal Law has experience in successfully defending drug offense cases.

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