Understanding Immigration Processes

The world presently struggles with exceptional levels of insecurity that calls for raising the standards on heightening the security measures to curb any setbacks to citizens. Every country in the world provides the opportunity to anyone who decides to settle or visit a country of choices for specified periods of times and reasons for travel through the offers of citizenship and immigration laws.

The government of Canada provides different platforms that serve as methods to attain services related to immigration and citizenship both while in abroad areas and local towns in Canada such as Brampton and Woodbridge.

Applying for Citizenship and Immigration in Canada

The process of application to get entry into the Canadian soil relies on the means that you use to achieve your results. The following methods illustrate the options available to apply for a visa to Canada:

  • Online

    The online process of applying to enter Canada requires less strenuous activities such as a good internet connection and accessing the immigration and citizenship options for prospective citizens or individuals. Creating an online platform forms the first step to providing the verification details for an application for citizenship and waiting for the confirmation falls under the last level.

  • Forms

    The forms for the request to move to Canada are accessible either from online downloads or printing the forms. The documents need filling with all the credentials of a person and the clarification of either you would need the temporary residence or permanent residence by family sponsorships or economic classes.

  • Authorized Persons

    The authorized person falls under the third party during the application for residency and immigration in Canada. The persons help people not conversant with the application process and guidelines for the acquisition of the home in another country.

What types of residence applications are available in Canada?

  • Temporary Residence

    The temporary residence applies to applicants who decide to ask for a chance to stay in Canada for a short period either for visitations or temporary works to places such as Mississauga, Vaughan, Woodbridge, and Caledon.

  • Permanent Residence

    The permanent residence applies to individuals who either move to Canada to attain full Citizenship through family sponsorship or their established economic classes.

  • Refugees and Asylum

    Canada remains renowned in the world for their commitment towards the cordial reception of refugees running away civil crisis in their home countries. There exist options for refugee sponsorship and claims to attain the Canadian citizenship under the two grounds.

Important facts to remember when handling immigration aspects

  • Payments

    The whole process of applying for citizenship in Canada involves expenses for either residence, sponsorships, citizenship, access to information and compliance. The payments occur at designated banks in Canada during specific times or through online platforms

  • Police and Medical Exams

    The police records ensure that individuals applying for citizenship in Canada don’t have criminal records and security risk to the country.

  • Fraud

    The levels of deception during immigration occur in the form of marriage fraud, document frauds, telephone and internet frauds grouped as scam websites with insecure emails and telephone calls. The fraudsters depend on vulnerabilities of people to trick them into making unnecessary payments.

The Application of Law in Real Estate Industry

The highest number of real estate transactions that involve buying and selling of property entails transactions that require control and conducted according to the laws of the land. Legal battles fought in courthouses arise because owners and buyers of property ignore few aspects that make their transactions illegitimate in the presence of the law of the land. Lawyers in areas such as Brampton apply the property acts and regulations enacted to ensure free and fair actions during the operations related to properties.

The role of lawyers in buying your home

The abundance of transactions and the weight they carry on legal grounds requires the counsel of lawyers to avoid legal consequences. The process of buying a house involves expansive sales of financial investments hence the need for caution during the process. The following key areas elaborate on the need for lawyers during the various stages of the purchase of property;

Step 1: The Offer Contract

The offer to purchase document lets the owner of a property know about an interested party who would love to acquire a property. The work of the lawyer remains to protect your interest, and once the drafted offer gets accepted by the seller of the property, it becomes a binding contract between the parties involved. The offer remains an essential contract since it serves as the foundation for the whole purchase process and a credible lawyer drafts the real estate’s initial offer contract.

Stage 2: The financing phase

The financing phase of the property purchase process requires the buyer to attain value concerning monetary terms to acquire the property with the help of a certified reals estate attorney. The role of the lawyer at this stage involves the representation of the buyer under legal jurisdictions to acquire either mortgage loans or oversee that your interests remain at heart. During this phase, a credible lawyer ensures that all the necessary taxes for the purchase of property remain fulfilled.>

Stage 3: The title search and insurance

The property purchase lawyer gets the responsibility of overlooking the credibility of the land or property title through the examination of public records for the property dating back to fifty years. Importantly, the lawyer, under the legal obligation, gets back to the buyer and seller of the property whether the transaction has a green light or defects.

The title insurance employs the need for the defects on the property documents and the title to get resolved before the closing of the transactions. The title insurance on other hand ensures the title remains insured and equates to the value of the property transacted. Moreover, an excellent survey by an engineer or surveyor remains an added advantage.

Stage 4: Closing document

The final step requires the lawyer to develop a closing statement for the whole settlement statement ascertaining the closure of the business. Closing statements documents need that a summary of the accounting and financial transaction remain visible.

The value of a property lawyer remains paramount to explain the fundamental aspects during the purchase of property under the legal grounds.

Criminal Law Services in Brampton

The need for greater understanding of law-related services and the prevention of injustices occurring along the corridors in Canada surfaces the working of criminal lawyers in Brampton. The legal system in Canada specifically Brampton, Ontario

occurs in a structure that gives each arm of the judicial system an opportunity to handle different cases related to breaking of the set laws of the land.

The Grewal law firm concentrates on specifically the criminal law sector and their commitment rallies towards ensuring that possible criminal prosecutions provide the basis for charges allied to their clients in areas including Mississauga, Vaughan, Woodbridge, and Caledon; otherwise, they attain their freedom.


The highest cases tackled in the Brampton courts relate to assault charges that skyrocket each working week since they occur in our ordinary lives due to the flaring passions about humanity. According to the several sections of the Criminal Code of Canada, the best definition of assault identifies the attempt to or the application of unnecessary force to an individual without their consent. Criminal lawyers in Brampton, at Grewal Law, understand the weight of assaults and the related charges that accompany a case through which they prevent harsh penalties.

What categories of offenses fall under Assault Charges?

  • Assault with a weapon

    The criminal code in Brampton elaborates that an assault with a weapon amount to causing harm to someone using force or an object and amounting to bodily injury or intending to cause damage to the aggrieved party. The charges for assault cases result to imprisonment up to ten years or a conviction by the court resulting in not more than eighteen months depending on the judges’ decision. The best criminal lawyers help to evaluate your case and ensure no unfair punishment occurs to you for minor incidents.

  • Aggravated Assault

    The Section 268 of the Canadian penal code refers to aggravated assault as more serious offenses that relate to individuals in the process of prosecution causing wounds, maiming or endangering the lives of a complaint. The various types of assaults define the gravity of the offense with aggravated assault occurring as a severe offense since it happens with the intent to cause harm and crime. The best experienced criminal lawyers need selection to handle the cases since aggravated assaults get punished for up to fourteen years.

  • Domestic Assault

    The domestic assault occurs to different parties including children, married people, boyfriend and girlfriend relations, parents, relatives and even same-sex partners who experience intentional force applied to them without their permission. The grounds for the domestic assault cases restrict the access to bail services and also return to home for the person under prosecution. The effect of leading another person to believe that an aggravator has the power to effect purpose fall under the domestic assault category.

Related Criminal Offence in Brampton

  • Threats- Conceivable utterances aimed at implying to cause harm or death to an individual
  • Dangerous driving on the Brampton roads
  • Sexual offenses, murder and manslaughter, robbery, drug offenses, youth crimes and mischief offenses all remain punishable under the Canadian Criminal Code.